MeruPuri Chapter 1 is the first chapter of the  Shojo Beat manga series MeruPuri.

Cover Edit

The cover shows Airi and Aram , surrounded by roses, with their faces close together as if they were going to kiss

Characters Edit

Airi Hoshina





Summary Edit

The chapter starts in Astale, where Jeile tries to cast a spell on Aram but Lei Comes to Aram to tell him that he is in danger, Lei then tells Aram to go through the mirror portal to be safe.

The scene then changes to  what looks like a large city with lots of buildings and trees, where Airi looks at her reflection in a seven sided mirror. Airi remarks to herself  that she looks tired. Airi then starts to walk down the street and doesn't notice when her mirror falls out of her pocket. Just as Airi turns the corner the mirror lights up and suddenly, Aram emerges from the mirror. It is then that Airi runs around the corner because she noticed that she had lost her mirror.