Otomen is a shojo manga series by Aya Kanno. It is licensed for english relese by Viz Media and is currently relesed under it's Shojo Beat imprint.

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Asuka Masamune a talented high school student who is currently the top kendo fighter in japan and holds black belts in both judo and karate. When Asuka was a young child, his father left home to have a sex change which made Asuka's mother always tell Asuka to be manly because he is a man.

Ryo Miyakozuka a transfer student at Asuka's highschool who Asuka quikly falls in love with.

Juta Tachibana a student at Asuka's and Ryo's school who secretly writes Love Chick, a popular shojo manga, under the pename Jewel Sachihana

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List of Otomen Chapters

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