Takashi Asano is a minor character in the shojo series NANA.

Story Edit

Takashi first met Nana Komatsu at the movie theater near to where she lived at the time. Nana had just watched a movie by herself and was coming out of the room when suddenly colapsed to the floor due to her sudden realisation that she sould get to know a man better before she falls in love with them. seeing Nana fall to the ground, Takashi quickly went to help her and to ask her if she was ok.Takashi then told her that she sould sit down while he got her somthing to drink. When Takashi asked Nana if she had ate anything shortly before, Nana replied that she hadn't eaten anything becuase she was on a diet and that somtimes she gets dizzy becuase of it.Takashi then commented that she was already atractive and that she didn't have to starve herself.